Hi 👋, I’m Luis, a first year PhD student at RWTH Aachen University under the supervision of Christopher Morris.

I’m interested in studying the capabilities and limitations of general-purpose machine learning architectures in the context of graph learning. My current research focus is on deriving a principled understanding of graph transformers and their potential benefits over GNNs. Email:luis.mueller@cs.rwth-aachen.de.

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Attending to Graph Transformers Luis Müller, Michael Galkin, Christopher Morris, Ladislav Rampasek
We propose a taxonomy of graph transformers, overview their theoretical properties and investigate experimentally how well graph transformers can recover graph structure and mitigate issues with over-smoothing and over-squashing.
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Representation Change in Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning Thomas Goerttler, Luis Müller
Blog post, published at ICLR 2022 Blog Track.

An Interactive Introduction to Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning Luis Müller, Max Ploner, Thomas Goerttler, Klaus Obermayer
Interactive explainer, published at VISxAI 2021.
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Reachable Assignments on Cycles Luis Müller, Matthias Bentert
Paper, published at ADT 2021 in Toulouse.
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